Personalized Consumption

Consumers to replace the core of the core product, bringing the network marketing business model pattern on the linear Gig cases alternative. The involvement of the Internet, has accelerated this process of change. It is no longer a straight line in the chain to their commercial position, all the market units are no longer simply a passive role as manufacturing or delivery.

     The most vivid metaphor is: the Gig bags past, the economic organizations to participate in a volleyball match, the next team member must be completed in the last act before it can pass something; Today, we participate in a symphony concert, in the commander in chief – – “consumers” under the guidance of the will, the hands of the various economic organizations also played musical instruments. In short, the network economy is to produce a different sort of value creation system. Value in accordance with Gig cases the new system design to create their own business models of enterprises will develop and grow, thinking is still stuck in the framework of the traditional linear business will be eliminated.

This value system means: P & G brands that not only the creator of P & G itself, from the “P & G’s high-quality products,” the language began to spread, P & G’s supply of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging design, advertising performance, sales channel, terminal performance, service consisting of all links to the brand value creation system with the given value. The system of any one part of the error will cause damage to the brand, Gig bags leaving suppliers, advertisers, distributors of the full participation of hard to imagine a flourishing P & G brands. The value of the new system means that the new value creation logic: individual consumption bring new propositions and brand to offer consumers far beyond the product category.

     Consumers also need to buy goods at the same time enjoy a more comprehensive, more comfortable, more efficient, higher quality color and with a self-service, the purchase process will no longer be “confinement” only. Consumers need to get this “value density”, far from manufacturer to offer a large extent have to rely on distributors and end of the participation and efforts. To meet the increasingly demanding consumers, any one brand in its Gig cases marketing network construction must be considered Gig bags when building a structure closer to the consumer.

The value of the logic necessary requirement for the new marketing model innovation.

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